The pharmacy education is carried out according to the teaching programs, accepted by the Faculty Counsil and approved by the Academic Counsil and based on the Unified State Requirements to obtain the educational degree “Master of pharmacy”.
The training of the students lasts five academic years, nine semesters and 6 months. During the education there are additional specializations in Industrial pharmacy and Clinical Pharmacy, which are freely chosen by the students after the VI semester. The academic program of the basic profile comprises 39 teaching subjects.
For their graduation, the students in pharmacy are obligated to pass a State final certification examination on five profile-determining subjects (pharmacognosy, pharmacology, pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmaceutical technology and social pharmacy) or to prepare and defend a diploma thesis. The diploma-holders are granted the educational degree “Master of Pharmacy”. 

PhD education

The Faculty of Pharmacy offers interesting possibilities for acquiring the education and scientific degree PhD (Pharmacy) by defending a doctoral thesis in various fields of the pharmaceutical science – pharmaceutical technology, pharmacognosy and phitocemistry, pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis, social pharmacy, inorganic, organic, analytical chemistry and physical chemistry.    

­            The following forms of PhD education exist:
­Full-time for Bulgarian and foreign PhD students with the duration of 3 years.
­Part – time PhD studies for Bulgarian and foreign PhD students with the duration of 3 years.
The PhD research work for Bulgarian students starts after permission of the Ministry of Education and Science, after passing an entrance exams and payment of a single fee (for full-time) and divided into two fee( for part-time). The full-time PhD students receive state scholarship during their education.
The management of acceptance and leading of the elaboration of PhD thesis, financing and defence are regulated with state legislatives and “Regulations for applications and carrying out of PhD thesis in the Medical University, Sofia” 



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