История на фармацевтичното образование в България

Historically, the Faculty of Pharmacy was founded in 1942 as a Department of Pharmacy at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, Sofia University.  In 1951, it was transformed into a separate Pharmaceutical Faculty at the newly established Medical Academy. In 1995 Medical Academy was renamed to Medical University with four faculties – Medicine, Dental medicine, Pharmacy and Public Health. The European Union directives give the basic concept of pharmaceutical education and the educational programs are in accordance with the European standards. The training of the students comprises lectures, seminars and practical laboratory work. In the teaching program there are complementary subjects in order to help the students in their future professional orientation and practical realization. After every summer semester, the students have different training practices consistent with the teaching program.
For the foreign students, who do not have sufficient knowledge in Bulgarian, the Department of Foreign Languages organizes one-year preparatory course in Bulgarian language. A complete regular training course in English is introduced from the academic 2007/08 year.
There are two lecture-halls, 9 seminar halls and 42 training laboratories equipped with modern facilities. The computer room offers opportunity for personal training and also access to Internet.
The Faculty possesses a traditions-rich and well-organized library. The students have also access to the Central medical library on the territory of the Medical University, the “St.St. Cyrilus and Methodius” National library where there are specialized chemical and medical reading-rooms with a great variety of specialized literature, the libraries of the Faculty of Chemistry at Sofia and of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

Mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy

The mission of the Faculty of Pharmacy is to improve the health of our citizens as well as those of the nation by educating pharmacy practitioners, pharmaceutical scientists and other health professionals via a variety of degree programs, including the Doctor of Pharmacy, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy, and by facilitating the establishment of post-doctoral residencies and fellowship



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