Prof. Dr. Violina Stoyanova
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Prof. Violina Stoyanova earned her PhD in 2004 from the Institute of Organic Chemistry with the Center for Phytochemistry, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, where she was employed from 1996 to 2006. Her PhD dissertation was on “Reactivity of Tension Substrates. The Role of Proton Transfer in the Cyclization of Sterically Hindered Systems”, defended within the scientific specialty 01.05.03 “Organic Chemistry”.

In the period 2006 -2017 she was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry at the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Medical University – Sofia. In 2017 she was promoted to Associate Professor and in 2024 to Full Professor.

Eversince she has been serving as an Associate Professor at the Department of Chemistry.

Dr. Stoyanova is a part of the teaching staff for Organic Chemistry and involved in a research group for organic synthesis.

The research work and contributions of Prof. Violina Stoyanova are in the following fields of pharmaceutical and medical science and practice: organic synthesis of compounds with antimycobacterial, antiproliferative, antioxidant and antiepileptic activity, bioorganic chemistry, medical chemistry, chemistry of coumarin heterocycles, indole, oxadiazole, diazole heterocycles, as well as hydrazide-hydrazone derivatives;  NMR monitoring of the dynamics of organic reactions; conformational analysis; kinetics and mechanism of organic reactions; biochemistry; toxicology and pharmacy; medicine; neuroscience and microbiology.

She is the author of 42 publications, 1 textbook and has been cited 342 times in indexed scientific journals according to J. Citation Reports by Clarivate, Scopus by Elsevier, Web of science by Clavirate, Google scholar.

Prof. Violina Stoyanova is an expert in the field of organic synthesis of coumarin, indole, ohadiazole, diazole heterocycle compounds and hydrazide-hydrazone derivatives.

She is participant in the realization of 4 research projects funded by the National Science Fund of Bulgaria and of 7 research projects funded by Medical Science Council MU-Sofia. She is also the leader of 1 project funded by Medical Science Council MU-Sofia. She is the recipient of the “SIGNUM LAUDIS PRO SCIENTIAE MERITIS” Award  presented for the most successful scientific development, for the most successful scientific development, funded by the Medical University – Sofia through the competitions “Grant 2016” and “Grant 2017”.

Dr. Stoyanova has been acting as a peer reviewer of scientific papers in Molecules, Research on Chemical Intermediates; European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry; BMC Chemistry; Pharmacia; Chemistry Central Journal, etc.

Prof. Violina Stoyanova is an member of the Bulgarian Pharmaceutical Scientific Society.

Scientific publications:

  1. Karabeliov, V. R., Kondeva-Burdina, M. S., Vassilev, N. G., Elena, K., & Angelova, V. T. (2022). Neuroprotective evaluation of novel substituted 1, 3, 4-oxadiazole and aroylhydrazone derivatives. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 59, 128516.
  2. Karabelyov, V., Kondeva-Burdina, M., Angelova, V. T. (2021). Synthetic approaches to unsymmetrical 2, 5-disubstituted 1, 3, 4-oxadiazoles and their MAO-B inhibitory activity. A review. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 29, 115888.
  3. Tchekalarova, J., Stoyanova, T., Tzoneva, R., Angelova, V., & Andreeva-Gateva, P. (2021). The Anticonvulsant Effect of a Novel Indole-Related Compound in the Kainate-Induced Status Epilepticus in Mice: The Role of the Antioxidant and Anti-inflammatory Mechanism. Neurochemical Research, 1-8.
  4. Angelova, V. T., Pencheva, T., Vassilev, N., Simeonova, R., Momekov, G., Valcheva, V. (2019). New indole and indazole derivatives as potential antimycobacterial agents. Medicinal Chemistry Research, 28(4), 485-497.
  5. Angelova, V. T., Valcheva, V., Vassilev, N. G., Buyukliev, R., Momekov, G., Dimitrov, I., Shivachev, B. (2017). Antimycobacterial activity of novel hydrazide-hydrazone derivatives with 2H-chromene and coumarin scaffold. Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 27(2), 223-227.

Research projects:

  1. Head of the research team at FF-MU-Sofia under Contract KP-06-N41/3 30/11/2020 on the topic: “New derivatives of ethambutol and isoniazid as potential anti-tuberculosis drug candidates”.
  2. Head of research team under Contract № 77/03.05.2018 of the competition “GRANT-2018” “Synthesis, structural characterization, antimycobacterial activity and toxicity of new indole derivatives. Determination of their chemical stability by HPLC method. “
  3. Participant in a research team under Contract № 62/23.04.2019 of the GRANT 2019 competition on the topic: “Role of arylhydrocarbon receptors for the neurobiological activity of new indole derivatives with aroylhydrazone fragment”.
  4. Participant in a research team under Contract № D-74/2017 of the competition “GRANT-2017” on the topic: “Comparative evaluation of the effects of 2H-chromium- and coumarin-substituted hydrazide-hydrazones on the expression levels of pro-inflammatory cytokines in the convulsive model with maximum electroshock (MES test) and in the nociception test with formalin in mice ”.
  5. Participant in a research team under Contract DN13/16 of 2017, on the topic: “Neuropharmacological studies of newly synthesized melatonin derivatives with aroylhydrazone fragment”.



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