Assist. Prof. Miglena Smerikarova
Tel.: (+359-2) 9236-522

Assist. Prof. Miglena Smerikarova graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Medical University – Sofia in 2017. Since 2018 she has been an assistant at the Department of Chemistry. She is currently an assistant professor at the Department of Chemistry and participates in the “Analytical Chemistry” training. The research work and contributions of Assist. Prof. Miglena Smerikarova is in the following areas of pharmaceutical and / or medical science and practice: analysis and control of medicinal substances and dosage forms, analysis of medicinal substances in biological samples. She is an author of 5 publications, with 9 citations in indexed journals in J. Citation Reports by Clarivate, Scopus by Elsevier, Web of science by Clavirate and Google scholar. And also a participant in a research project funded by the Medical Science Council.

 Scientific publications:

  1. Smerikarova M, Bozhanov S, Maslarska V. Development and Validation of a RP-HPLC Method to Quantify Amoxicillin, Tinidazole, Esomeprazole and lansoprazole in a Mixture. Indian J Pharm Sci. 2019; 81(6):1122-7. DOI:36468/pharmaceutical-sciences.611
  2. Smerikarova M, Bozhanov S, Maslarska V. Analytical Methods for the Determination of Sartans in Pharmaceutical Formulations and Biological Fluids: A Review. Curr Anal Chem. 2020; 16(3):208-22. DOI:2174/1573411014666181114091850
  3. Bozhanov S, Smerikarova M, Maslarska V. Quantitative determination of Lisinopril Dihydrate in Pharmaceutical Preparations by Direct Potentiometriy. IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng. 2020; 729(1):012059. DOI:10.1088/1757-899X/729/1/012059
  4. Smerikarova M, Bozhanov S, Maslarska V. HPLC Determination of Sildenafil in Tablets. Int J Appl Pharm. 2021; 13(1):253-6. DOI:
  5. Smerikarova M, Bozhanov S, Maslarska V, Tournev I. Determination of Tafamidis Plasma Concentrations in Amyloidosis Patients with Glu89Gln Mutation by HPLC-UV Detection. J Chrom Sci. 2021.

Research projects:

Topic: “Response to Tafamidis therapy in hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis due to the pathogenic genetic variant Glu89Gln characteristic for the Bulgarian cohort of patients with mixed phenotype.” Medical Science Council; Medical University – Sofia.



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