Prof. Dr. Adriana Bakalova
Tel.: (+359-2) 9236-598

Prof. Adriana Bakalova graduated from University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy UCTM – Sofia in 1981.

Since 1993 she has been a Senior Assistant Prof., since 1994 Head Ass. Prof., since 2011 Assoc. Prof. and since 2020  is a full Professor.

She carried out her PhD thesis on the topic: “Synthesis and study of new Pt(II) complexes with organic ligands” in 1990.

Currently she is a full Professor at the Department of Chemistry.

She participates in education of General and Inorganic Chemistry.

Scientific interests and research contributions are in the following area of pharmaceutical and/or medicinal science and practice: Synthesis and investigation of new organic compounds and new metal complexes with potential biological activity.

She is an author of 64 publications, 9 books and manuals for students and 353 citations in the indexed journals in J. Citation Reports на Clarivate, Scopus на Elsevier, Web of science на Clavirate, Google scholar etc.

She is a participant and/or leading scientist of 8 research projects with financial support of the Medical University of Sofia, 3 research projects with financial support of The Bulgarian National Science Fund(BNSF), 1 international agreement with financial support of the Polytechnic in Darmstadt, Germany.

Reviewer for scientific journals-Journal of Molecular Structure, Polyhedron, Medicinal Chemistry Research, Drug Development Research, Journal of Coordination Chemistry, European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, Molecules, Applied Organometallic Chemistry, Archiv der Pharmacy, Current Pharmaceutical Analysis etc.


Scientific publications:

  1. Bakalova A., R. Buyukliev, H. Varbanov, G. (2014). Design, synthesis and comparative cytotoxic investigation of platinum(II) complexes with some derivatives of 5-methyl-5-(4-pyridyl)hydantoin. Inorganica Chimica Acta, 423, 46-51.
  2. Bakalova, A., Buyukliev, R., Momekov, G. (2015). Synthesis, DFT calculations and cytotoxic investigation of platinum complexes with 3-thiolanespiro-5′-hydantoin and 4-thio-1H-tetrahydropyranespiro-5′-hydantoin.  Journal of Molecular Structure, 1091, 118-124. 
  3. Bakalova A., Buyukliev, R., Nikolova R., Shivachev B., Mihaylova R., Konstantinov S. (2019). Synthesis, Spectroscopic Properties, Crystal Structure And Biological Evaluation of New Platinum Complexes with 5-methyl-5-(2-thiomethyl)ethyl Hydantoin. Anti-Cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry, 19(10), 1243-1252.
  4. Bakalova A., Buyukliev R.,  Cherneva E. (2020). New Pt(II) complexes with 3’-methyl tetrahydro-4H-thiopyranspiro-5’-hydantoin: synthesis, theoretical and cytotoxic investigation. Medicinal Chemistry Research, 29, 2218–2223
  5. Cherneva E., Atanasova M., Buyukliev R., Tomovic K., Smelcerovic Z., Bakalova A., Smelcerovic A. (2020). 3′-Methyl-4-thio-1H-tetrahydropyranspiro-5′-hydantoin platinum complex as a novel potent anticancer agent and xanthine oxidase inhibitor. Archiv der Pharmacy, 353, e2000039.

Scientific projects:

  1. Participant in scientific project of contract НИ 641/1996 with financial support of Ministry of Education and Science. Topic: „Synthesis and study of new metal complexes as antitumor drugs and possibility to chemoprotection“.
  2. Leading scientist of scientific project of contract 12/2009 with financial support of Medical University – Sofia. Topic: „Synthesis, chemometric and pharmacological investigation of new platinum and palladium complexes with potential cytotoxic activity.
  3. Leading scientist of scientific project of contract 51/2016 with financial support of Medical University – Sofia. Topic: „Platinum complexes with mixed ammine ligands. Design, synthesis, spectral characterization, theoretical prediction and pharmacological investigation“.
  4. Leading scientist of scientific project of contract 87/2018 with financial support of Medical University – Sofia. Topic: „Synthesis, investigation and study of the cytotoxic and xanthine oxidase activity of new metal complexes with N, O, S-containing organic ligands”.
  5. Scientific Supervisor of PhD student won a research project of contract Д 140/2021 of „Young scientist 2021“, with financial support of Medical University – Sofia. Topic: “Design and cytotoxic activity of new squaric acid derivatives and their platinum complexes”.



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