Faculty Research

Intensive scientific research is carried out at the Faculty of Pharmacy, treating important contemporary scientific problems related to the preparation and characterisation (pharmacological and toxicological) of new synthetic and natural medicinal substances, new drug dosage forms with prolonged or modified drug release, methods for pharmaceutical analysis and standardization of drugs, phyto-preparation, pharmaceutical management, pharmacoepidemiology,  pharmacoeconomy,  pharmaceutical care, etc. In the recent years, the scientific research activities are funded mainly by grants obtained on a competitive basis by the National Fund for Scientific Research, the Medical University and the Faculty of Pharmacy.
The Faculty of Pharmacy participates in international scientific projects funded by various European foundations and has created close contacts with scientist and institutes abroad-Germany, England, France, Italy, Denmark, etc

Students’ scientific research

Traditionally, the Faculty of Pharmacy provides possibility for the students to work on small research projects under the supervision of their lecturers. The results of the projects are presented annually at the Students’ Scientific Session organized by the Faculty of Pharmacy and by the Medical University.
The Bulgarian Students’ Pharmaceutical Scientific Society (BSPSS) is very active. Its basic purposes are to involve students in scientific research, to participate actively in the programs for international student exchange, to participate in international health programs, etc. BSPSS is a member of the International (IPSF) and European (EPSA) federations of students of pharmacy and acts in close collaboration as well with FIP and the European Association of the Faculties of Pharmacy. A great success and honour was the approval of Bulgaria as a host of the Second World Scientific Symposium of IPSF which took place in November, 2000, in the resort Albena, on the Black Sea cost.  
Membership of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Sokrates Erasmus Program dated from 2000. It is an European educational program concerning collaboration in the education area. The program stimulates student’s PhD research and university teachers’ mobility in order to create contemporary European Area of High Education. It contributes the development of contacts, improves language knowledge and introduces European cultures and traditions. In the last years the Faculty of Pharmacy takes part as a financial partner supporting students’ travelling expenses.           
Already 56 students have participated in the program Sokrates Erasmus in the following areas- pharmacology, pharmaceutical technology, microbiology, pharmacognosy, toxicology, social pharmacy. The Faculty of Pharmacy is a partner with 8 Pharmacy Faculties from 6 European countries – Germany, Italy, Spain, Belgium, France and Denmark.
According to the sign collaboration between the universities, the Bulgarian students have  the opportunities to work at small research projects in European scientific laboratories with duration 4 months.
The experience of the program Sokrates Erasmus has to be considered beneficial for the student in personal, academic and social aspect. Students become more adaptive, communicative, receiving ability to work in team. Also they increase their professional qualification and receive personal satisfaction.

Professional realizations

The pharmacists work as professionals in public, community and hospital pharmacies and have  the opportunity to work in a team with physicians at patient’s drug counseling as well as giving appropriate health-care advises, in pharmaceutical companies for development, manufacturing and distribution of drugs, analytical laboratories, high schools, etc





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